Kayleigh O’Connell Opens Casting call for War of The Snacks!!!!

go to link Before the production of War Of The Snacks, Kayleigh O’Connell is looking for, volunteer voice actors for her project, to play, her characters she’ll keep ya posted.

go to link If you like to volunteer as the voices of the characters in this project.

http://joetom.org/masljana/3675 Contact Kayleigh O’Connell.

go to link Email: Ysubmarine02@aol.com

arguments against interracial dating Phone: 703-273-4819.

Kayleigh’s making a second pitch for amazon studios!

rencontres femmes malgaches en france Puyos pilot episode for amazon studios is still on the works so I’m making a second pitch for amazon studios called “apple ape’s funtastic island.

Introducing New Huskie Toon Characters “Roscoe And Bruno!”

go site Hey everybody three weeks ago I came up with an idea for a short cartoon for my animation group, An idea popped in my head, my new characters are born called “Roscoe and Bruno.” I spended two weeks making their first cartoon, Roscoe is a raccoon who’s always gets hurts, his stupid partner is name Bruno a big chubby beaver, who’s stupidity causes Roscoe’s injuries in a funny way. anyway if these two become popular, I will make a series of cartoon shorts starring the new Cartoon duo.

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Made a new test animation On Moho 12.

Hey everybody, I got the Moho 12 pro on my computer, and I just made  a test animation involving a dragon breathing fire, I’m planning to create War Of The Snacks, The mini short series “Dinosaur High School.” and the pilot for Amazon.com’s “Puyos.” and some other animation tests on the way with the new software, and still making Wave Riders episodes on toon Boom Harmony, so I’ll keep ya posted for new stuff.