Wave Riders EP2 I want my mummy is up on youtube.com/

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Eric Scott’s Everbody is pick for the Clifton Film Fest!

source The animated music video of Eric scott’s song “Everybody.” has been pick for this year’s Clifton Film Fest, Appose to Last year’s animated short Wave Riders pilot episode that won for best editing. The thanks for the music goes to Eric Scott himself, and the animation to me, so I hope this music video will win this year or so on, so looking forward to it. http://boersenalltag.de/gsc_research_blog/newsletter_anmeldung/

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Wave Riders Episode 3 two parter coming soon.

follow site Hey everybody, I’m almost finish with Wave Riders Ep2 I want my mummy so afterwards, I’m going to make a two parter episode about monstie pink makes a potion that turns whoever drinks it mean, and Zylvia and her brother basil fell victim to it, so it’s up to Clash to find an antidote to the potion in the jungle, this will be the greatest two part episode ever.WR Non love Potion #9 Title Colored