WR The Movie

The first ever Huskie Toons short feature film created who was an honorable mention in Nova Film Fest last year. Synopsis: Team pack tries win the pearl of wisdom so they could return it to the temple but the monsties plan to win it so they can resurrect a monster called Ter-roar, Can team pack with Laura help save the world and the return pearl before it’s too late. See the short film for yourself on youtube.com.

Eric Scott’s Everybody Music Video is on Youtube!

This is the music video I made for Eric Scott, the song it called “everybody, some of the characters inspiration was from an animated film called “Yellow Submarine.” I hope everyone loves it some of the credits goes to Eric Scott, and rest goes to me. So if there any musicians or other people out there who wants me to animate a music video or a short for them contact through email at Ysubmarine02@aol.com.